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    The Kingman Area Chamber Workforce Development Committee is launching the All New Leadership Kingman Program in 2016. The Leadership Kingman program is designed to educate local business people on the inner workings of the community and prepare them for leadership roles in business and the community.

    The Leadership Kingman 2016 program will consist of 10 full-day intensive sessions on the following subjects:

    • Leadership

      What are the characteristics of leaders? What is the relationship between behavioral styles and leadership styles? What are participant’s visions and how will they lead and influence in the future? The dynamics of leadership is presented in a highly interactive session through class discussion, survey instruments, and group activity. Included in this session is a Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory to help students understand their personality traits and how they affect interactions.

    • Education

      Creating educational pathways that lead to in-demand careers and the jobs of the future requires collaboration and innovation among K-12 and post-secondary schools.  The session will focus on the many issues that school/governing boards are facing ranging from setting educational policy to finances. The session also provides information on charter schools, the programs our schools offer and why education is imperative to building strong leaders of tomorrow.

    • The Court System

      Students will spend the day at the Historic Mohave County Courthouse and learn from judges and attorneys how the different components of the judicial system work. They will hear from civil and criminal judges about the kinds of cases they handle each day. They will also learn firsthand from both public and private attorneys and the constable about the court system in Kingman & Mohave County.

    • Human Relations & Social Services

      Kingman boasts a wealth of services available to those in need ranging from infants to seniors. Many services are provided by private, not-for-profit organizations established solely to address specific challenges in our community. In this session, students will learn about those needs and challenges and meet some of the people involved in addressing those needs and the impact they have on the community. Students will get firsthand experience in this session as they learn about local food banks and other services.

    • Access Government

      In this session, participants will gain a better understanding of our local and state government structures and budget processes.  Also explained will be the commission/advisory board constructs that support government decision making.  The session will include an up-close look at real issues facing local government.  Participants will engage in role-playing as part of a mock City Council meeting.

    • Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice

      The Leadership Kingman Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice class will be held at Kingman Police Department. This eye-opening experience provides participants with an in-depth look at how our local police force and correctional facilities operate and includes a sobering tour of the inside of a local correctional facility. A wealth of information will be provided including hands-on experience with the Shoot/Don’t Shoot scenario experience. Speakers include Kingman Police Chief, Mohave County Sheriff’s Department; Mohave County Jail; and State Prison staff.

    • Economic & Workforce Development

      This class provides insights on the strategic nature of economic development efforts underway to stimulate the local economy.  It will include discussion of sector strategy approaches that support business recruitment, retention and expansion leading to job creation.  The critical factors surrounding economic development will be discussed, including skilled workforce development, infrastructure and financing. A behind-the-scenes tour of the Industrial Park (not available to the general public) showcases the companies currently doing business at the industrial park and opportunities for continued expansion.

    • Healthcare & Emergency Services

      This class is presented by leaders in the healthcare and emergency services professions here in the Kingman Area. Topics include local health care, specialty care and services, health care reform, community health and wellness, and emergency services. Students will tour and learn about health facilities available in Kingman. This session will cover the administrative as well as the medical and community aspects of health care.

    • Media & Public Relations

      This session will equip participants with the skills necessary to interact with reporters, develop your company’s message, conduct media interviews, develop press releases that get printed, and pitch stories to media outlets. Real-time camera interview exercises will better prepare students to respond to the media in the event of a crisis. Public speaking tips and techniques will be covered, as well as, the art of blogging and social media dos and don’ts.

    • Utilities & Infrastructure

      What are the water needs in our arid desert community? How do solar plants convert resources into usable energy? What is wastewater reclamation? What is alternative energy and why is it important? What infra- structure projects are in the works in the Kingman Area?  Learn the answers to these questions and more when leading industry gurus present a comprehensive look at the natural resources here in the High Desert and government regulations.

    • Graduation Ceremony

      Registration for Leadership Kingman 2016 opens October 2015. Interested parties may contact the chamber for more information or to request an application when they become available. Applications are available here.


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