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    Job Description
    Directions for applying for the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO

    1. Print or copy the  KACC President Job Application to your computer.
    2. Fill out the application in its entirety. The last section is comprised of three supplemental questions.
    3. Print the completed application, sign and date it.
    4. E-mail the completed, signed, dated application along with your resume, cover letter,and salary history to:


    About the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce

    The Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce, serving over 400 member businesses in Mohave County Arizona, seeks an outstanding and dynamic leader as its next President/CEO. In
    conjunction with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KACC, the position acts as the public spokesperson and primary face of the organization. Utilizing strong sales, financial and managerial skill, the President/CEO will oversee strategy, government, community relations, membership, and daily operations. A successful candidate will be positive, versatile,highly motivated, organized, and self-directed with the ability to be flexible enough to adapt to the challenging dynamics of an out spoken and diverse community.

    KACC plays an important role in the commercial, civic, and cultural life of the city. For members,the organization holds networking and educational opportunities, as well as important annual events. KACC works closely with the Economic Development and Marketing Commission, the Historical Preservation Commission, the Tourism Development Commission, the Downtown Kingman Merchants Association, the Historic Route 66 Association, the Route 66 Association of Kingman Arizona, Sandbox/CARES committee, the Kingman and Mohave Manufacturers Association, the Small Business Development Center at Mohave Community College, the Kingman Airport Authority, the Havasu Chamber of Commerce, and the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce.

    The Chamber’s membership is very diverse, and includes several large companies, though membership is primarily made up of small, independent businesses averaging 2-8 employees. It is critical for the Executive to embrace these businesses, while looking to expand our
    membership and support of local businesses.

    The KACC is located in scenic Kingman, AZ. Although many are attracted to Kingman by our warm climate and incredible scenic beauty, it is our high quality of life based on a low cost of living that ultimately persuades individuals to join our community. The overall cost of living is 15 points lower than national average with housing a huge 40 points lower than the national average (http://www.bestplaces.net/cost_of_living/zip-code/arizona/kingman/86401). Kingman does not have a property or a city income tax. All of this helps our salaries to go farther. While income is one aspect of quality of life others include access to historic Route 66, the majestic Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam, the mighty Colorado River, Lake Mead, the famous London Bridge, and Las Vegas all right outside our front door. The KACC Board of Directors truly enjoy living and working in Kingman, AZ and feel certain you would feel the same way.

    Position Overview – President/CEO of KACC

    Several key areas of focus of the new Executive include but are not limited to:

    1. Increasing membership (specifically millennial owned /operated businesses)
    2. Help KACC increase relevancy in an increasingly electronic business environment
    3. Develop and implement new programs/incentives for sustained revenue growth
    4. Oversees development and implementation of a program of work that will channel resources of the organization toward specific objectives, as outlined in our annual strategy and goal objectives
    5. Become the face of the KACC and main point of contact with established leaders within the community

    Responsibilities includes, but are not limited to:

    1. Provides leadership in the organization, planning and implementing strong business advocacy on the social and economic issues affecting the business community.
    2. Works closely with municipal and state government to communicate and lobby on a wide variety of issues related to the economic health of its members.
    3. Works closely with leaders of the school districts and Mohave Community College on issues related to economic health and job preparedness or other shared goals.
    4. Plans, creates, implements, and promotes a variety of small and large Chamber events; must be willing and comfortable raising sponsorship money for events.
    5. Oversees membership programs to ensure necessary revenue growth.
    6. Oversees and manages budget, utilizing the understanding of financial and accounting principles for small non-profit organizations. In partnership with the Board Treasurer, the President/CEO is responsible for creating and maintaining the financial health of the Chamber.
    7. Serves as the public relations voice of the organization around a wide variety of issues, including responding to all media requests.
    8. Demonstrates leadership in the community through involvement and participation. Attends many events and functions as the Chamber’s representative, presents to town committees related to membership concerns or the stated agenda of the organization.
    9. Negotiates contracts on behalf of the Chamber in consultation with the board chairman.
    10. Acts as writer and editor for the KACC’s publications and communications, electronic and printed.
    11. Leads, manages and develops staff – assigns functions, defines lines of authority and responsibility, and sets up an efficient system of operation. Insures compliance with labor laws.
    12. Completes other duties as required by the President of the Board of Directors.

    Minimum qualifications:

    1. Bachelor’s degree and/or minimum of 5 years management experience in a related field. Chamber leadership is a plus. Small business experience is a plus.
    2. Ability to think critically and to solve problems creatively.
    3. Ability to work well under critical deadlines.
    4. Excellent interpersonal abilities. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with members, staff, and volunteers; must demonstrate proactive and team-oriented leadership.
    5. Demonstrated ability to work with and motivate a diverse Board of Directors.
    6. Excellent organizational skills with strong knowledge of business, management, and leadership theories.
    7. Excellent verbal communication skills, including persuasive and negotiation skills which are used to build consensus and create “win-win” scenarios.
    8. Proficiency with information technology.
    9. Strong knowledge of marketing and social media, including strong written communication skills
    10. Strong knowledge of finance and demonstrated ability to manage and create budget and financial tracking reports.
    11. Must be willing to work frequent nights and weekends.
    12. Must be willing to travel out of town for occasional meetings and events.
    13. A keen sense of humor is a plus.

    Employment Status:

    The new Executive will be considered a full time exempt employee of KACC. This will be a salaried with two weeks of vacation. The KACC offers a stipend that can be used to purchase medical, dental, vision and/or life insurance. The KACC offers a retirement plan. Salary range $48,500 – $62,500.

    This position will remain open until filled by the best qualified candidate.
    Contact Information
  • Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
    3001 N Stockton Hill Rd Suite 3
    Kingman, AZ 86401
    (928) 753-6253
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